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June 18, 2015, 10:52:33 PM by Acans
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Wanna know something that's fun, figuring out why doesn't these fields in the subject update when a user registers, or is registered by an Administrator.

Whenever somebody makes a post between the two they are linked? So why not when someone registers!

Well that's simple, but it's not fetched from the members table... This little bugger is actually stored in the Settings table! Well Acans, why not just share that table too?

Actually this isn't THAT bad of an idea if all the forums connected you want to have the exact same settings for everything.

Ok then, no sharing of this magical settings table, so now what? Well we need to change the way SMF handles the updating of stats during registrations. Which in essence is quite easy, we just need to double the amount of DB Query's SMF executes during registration, an extra query per forum we are updating.

Simple huh? Trust me when you're trying to figure this out after ruling out DB Query's to quickly and start thinking of pulling data with tasks instead of pushing it, you feel like an idiot.
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